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DVD - Special Editions

Go head-to-head with friends and family in this fantastic family entertainment edition of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Now the whole family can play their own unique game, answering questions from their favourite subject - General Knowledge, Entertainment or Sport. With the choice to play as an Adult or Junior, and personalised feedback from Chris Tarrant, you'll feel like you really are in the Hotseat!

Hosted by Chris Tarrant, this Brand New edition of the Multi-award winning who wants to be a Millionaire? DVD gives you, your family and friends the chance to walk away with a Real Cash Prize!

Featuring great quality graphics and fast gameplay, plus a brand new switch lifeline, this all-new edition is packed with video clips and audio tracks, plus over 1,000 new questions.

Show off your general knowledge and win a metaphorical million with the interactive Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? DVD game. This 10th Anniversary edition of the illustrious and popular big-money TV quiz has all the features of the original, including host Chris Tarrant, phone-a-friend, 50/50 and ask-the-audience options, all except the cash prize. Play just-for-fun, play for chocolate, even play to get out of washing-up duties. Mind-bending fun for the whole family.
For the first time ever, the 10th Anniversary Edition of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Is designed to allow 4 players to compete at the same time! Included in the game are 4 hand held multiple choice buzzers which makes the game faster and more competitive!